Meet the 2017 Advisory Board

Subroto Bose

Sr. Dir., Global Patent Strategy & IP Operations

Quintin Cassady

Vice President, General Counsel

Michele Connors

Sr. Legal Counsel, Patents

David Cunningham

VP, AGC & Director of IP Law

David Dutcher

Assistant General Counsel, IP

Renny Hwang

Head of Patent Litigation

Teddy Joe

Senior Counsel, IP and Product

Larry Johnson

Director, IP Counsel

Deanna Kwong

IP Litigation Counsel

Kevin McCabe

Senior Director, Associate General Counsel

Kirupa Pushparaj

Director, Intellectual Property

Charles Sholtz

VP, Intellectual Property

Paul B. Simboli

Vice President, IP & Asst. General Counsel


Director, Intellectual Property

Rouz Tabbadour

VP, Deputy GC, Chief IP
& Licensing Counsel

Mark Taylor

Assistant General Counsel, Patent Litigation

Anup Tikku

AGC, IP Litigation & Tech Transactions

Sriranga Veeraraghavan

Vice President, Legal

Sid Venkatesan

Chief IP Counsel

Kim M. Vo

Director of Legal

J. Ray Wood

Chief Patent Counsel