Re-crafted with support from our IP Counsel Advisors, the newly updated IP Counsel Exchange will address the most pressing issues and top of mind business challenges impacting the management of today’s robust IP portfolios.

Over the past few years the Patent Trial and Appeals Board has certainly established itself as a top if not THE top patent litigation venue in the country. Offering an efficient and often quicker alternative to IP litigation in federal district court, there is no doubting the importance of the PTAB as an IP litigation forum. In-house counsel and corporate patent practitioners must balance the aligned and occasionally competing objectives of pursuing an action at the PTAB, in federal district court, at the International Trade Commission or other global venues. Adding an additional layer to one’s IP litigation strategy, one must also balance the desired outcomes of litigation with the overall needs and goals of the business.

Attend Momentum’s IP Counsel Exchange and gain insights from your in-house peers on how to effectively balance all of these competing demands.

  • Insights for determining the venue that best meets your business goals as well as your litigation objectives
  • Recommendations for assuring your seat at the table as both a business driver and strategic advisor
  • Lessons learned for the in-house practitioner from the top IP cases over the past year – PTAB, Federal District + ITC
  • The Unitary Patent Court: Considering the potential impact of this new epicenter on your overall IP litigation strategy
  • Social Media, Mobile Applications and Content Licensing: licensee and licensor perspectives on developing and executing your negotiation strategy
  • Thinking Outside the Box: strategies for using IP as a catalyst for your business
  • Protecting your code-exploring issues in open source, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality

 A staple of Momentum’s IP Counsel Exchange, the New York event will once again feature a Judicial Roundtable offering judicial perspectives from diverse patent litigation venues.